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MP4 is the daughter of Blockchain Music Entertainment (BME), and the sister of the music industry decentralization DAPP, MP3. Together, we will tokenize the world and create an entirely new system of value. What MP3 does for the music industry, MP4 does for the film/content industry; why should independent film creators have to be hidden in the shadows of the Hollywood monopoly? It's time for filmmakers and influencers to have access to a worldwide network of investors to support their creative endeavors. Now talented film and content creators can pitch their ideas to a worldwide audience of investors to make their creative dreams come to life - and influencers can tokenize their products, services, and subscriptions to interact with the web3 blockchain economy.

about BME Group 

Blockchain Music Entertainment

BME Group

Founded in 2020

BME Group

Founded in 2020

BME Group is a collective of developers from around the world contributing to the decentralization of the entertainment industry & empowering those who create.

We are utilizing oracles and bonding curve curation markets to revolutionize the way the entertainment industry moves. 

The next phase of development will tackle the film & content industry and will take oracles to a whole new level. MP4 is the utility & value token for the Film/Content Industry DAPP; this will be like a social media platform where influencers, film makers, and content creators can tokenize themselves, their media, and their visions to interact with web3.



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